War Horse Puppets in ‘Horse Life’

Horse Life was originally created for the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Featuring Joey and Topthorn, the lead puppets from War Horse, the production captures the energy and life of horses interacting in a pastoral environment.

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Set in the countryside, day breaks and Topthorn stands alone in a field. Joey is ridden into the field an let loose with Topthorn. The horses confront each other in a battle for dominance and when the appropriate hierarchy has been established between then they settle down to graze. A storm builds in the afternoon and the horses run wild as thunder and lightning break about them. Finally in the evening they are able to show each other affection as the storm clears and the sun sets. Horse Life brings the complex vitality of the larger than life horse puppets to the stage in a simple portrait of animal life.

war horse puppets in dubai


Produced by Janni Younge Productions with the Handspring Puppet Company’s War Horse puppets.

Craig Leo and Janni Younge

Puppet Design
Adrian Kohler of Handspring Puppet Company

Lighting Design
Mannie Mannim

War Horse is produced by The National Theatre of Great Britain in association with Handspring Puppet Company

Music supervision, composition and Sound Design
Daniel Eppel

war horse puppets in dubai