Quack! is an Afro-gothic fantasy – a visual tale of clown noir and dodgy deeds.

A man lies dying in hospital, lost in fever and seemingly unknown illness. In his delirium, he fantasises himself away into a parallel universe, where the roles are reversed and he is a figure of substantial power. Part quack doctor, part motivational speaker, part politician, and part alchemist, he travels the land spreading his sermon of pop psycho-babble and other homilies. With the aid of his long-suffering assistant, and the dour presence of a number of acolytes, he builds up hope and expectation within his audience, and then harvests that hope, extracting from it the very essence of people’s dreams.

‘Amazingly expressive and evocative masks”Artsblog

quack 2

quack mask janni younge

quack mask janni younge


Producer: FTH:K
Director: Rob Murry,
Masks: Janni Younge
Music and Sound Design: James Webb

*Mask design nominated for a Fleur du cap Award