Pictures of You

Pictures of You is a nostalgic tale of love, fear and darkness, conveyed with insensate masks and extremely able maskers.

“The challenge of sustaining a work with no verbal dialogue, without the facility of labile facial expression and with a story that hinges on mystery and taboo is not an easy feat. The three collaborators who have created this stunningly impressive work really do deserve a full season on the boards. This is a play which attempts to slice open its own red herrings, chops to tail, and explore them with a freneticism that is mesmerising.” My View by Robyn Sassen

pictures of you 2

“Janni Younge’s beautiful and haunting masks, which form a visual and emotional focal point, appear to have a life of their own. It was as if the masks were playing the accomplished actors Liezl de Kock and Dorian Burstein as much as they were playing the masks.” Marianne Thamm: Cape Theatre

pictures of you


Producer: FTH:K
Director: Rob Murry
Masks and puppet design and construction: Janni Younge
Original music and sound: James Webb


Winner: Best Puppet Design Fleur du Cap awards