Elise’s Adventures in Congoland

Elise’s Adventures in Congoland is a piece about a white Capetonian who tries to get in touch with her ‘true’ Africanness by interviewing refugees for a documentary. As answers to her questions move further and further from her expectations she becomes confused. Falling down a long-drop, she finds herself on a surreal journey in a land formed from her ideas and fears of Africa. Shadow theatre, marionettes and live video combine with live performance in this a fast-paced and exciting piece of theatre.


A satirical comedy, Elise is a multimedia production that makes use of live video feed, marionettes, live performance and shadow theatre. The work calls into question the easy ideas we hold about the African continent and ourselves as individuals living in this context.

“Thrilling combination of shadow puppetry, live performance, marionettes and video. Stunning visuals and great acting.”Cue 2005

“Highly entertaining”Sunday Independent 2008


Producer: Janni Younge
Director: Janni Younge
Creation and design: Janni Younge
Original Music and Sound design: Luke Younge


Martin Kintu, Chantal Stanfield and Sannie Fox