Two people, six characters, a domestic insanity. Paul and Carol who are in a relationship on the point of either dissolution or marriage, find themselves torn apart by conflicting inner forces. In Dolos multiple manipulators control the puppet characters, reflecting different aspect of the characters’ personalities. As the pressure within the relationship mounts these forces come into conflict with one another and the drama unravels.

Dolos carries us on a journey into the inner world of the characters, accompanied by lively dialogue with a lightly humorous edge, striking visual effects and beautifully carved puppets.

The production works with the use of objects to create a layering of identity in characters. It plays with the questions: Do we know ourselves as we are, or are we holding onto an idea of a ‘self’, unable to be with what is? And then in the context of relationship – How long before love becomes yet another idea to be held onto?

Dolos is staged using Bonraku-style puppets, live performance and shadow theatre.



Producer: Janni Younge in association with The Little Theatre
Director: Janni Younge
Creation and design: Janni Younge
Original score and Sound design: Daniel Eppel
Lighting design: Daniel Galloway


Jason Potgieter, Nkosenathi Gaar, Alfred Pretorius, Sannie Fox, Briony Horwitz, Tamerin McGinnely