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za news puppetry janni younge

ZA News

A Political satire based on the work of cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro ‘Zapiro’ and modelled on “Gignols des Infos” and “Spitting Image.” Credits Producer: Both Worlds Head of puppet department 2007(construction and manipulation): Janni Younge

Chester Missing and Kock Up

Stand up comic and ventriloquist Conrad Koch commissioned puppets for his show Kock Up. Chester Missing has since become a South African celebrity, independent star and political satirist; Conrad barely has him under control. Producer: Conrad Coch Director: Heinrich Rosenhoffer Puppet design: Janni Younge Puppet construction: Janni Younge and CFX

Pulse of Mali

A nightly dance performance with puppets at the Gold Resturant Pulse of Mali is an eclectic African performance. Based on and inspired by the traditions of Malian performance, it draws influence with its performers from across africa. In 2004 the Gold of Africa Museum hosted an exhibition of Malian puppets, Patrimony made by master puppeteer Yaya Coulibaly. This exhibition planted the seeds for the current performance. Influenced by the non-narrative, symbolic performance style of the Bamana people, Pulse of Mali works with the the traditions of Bamana performance in a contemporary South African context.     In the animistic Bamana tradition, puppets and masks are intermediaries between the human and spirit world. Performance is an expression and celebration of the interconnectedness of man and nature, the innate balance of human and spirit forces. Puppets are also jesters and entertainers, used in ceremonies celebrating the passing of seasons and coming of age.     Pulse of Mali works with the spirit of this performance style. As people gather to celebrate life and community in the Gold Restaurant, the performance celebrates the …

solms delta puppet janni younge

Solms Elephant

A life-sized elephant that walks above head height was created for the Franchoek Bastille Day parade for Solms Delta wine Estate. 10 smaller elephants accompany the big one on the day of the parade. Created by Janni Younge with Daya Heller and 20 farm labourers.